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Media & Client Testimonials

I have had Tara on my show a few times and have even used her myself.  In a word, AMAZING!  There is now way to describe the combination of accuracy and comfort you feel when speaking to Tara.  I had been a bit skeptical in the past about using someone like this. But now I can't get the word out fast enough about Tara.  I don't know what else to say besides ... run ... don't walk to use her talents!

Mookie, Morning Show Host

The New Country 95.3

Canada's Most Listened to Country Station


"All I have to do is say her name ! Two thumbs way up. Every single time we have Tara on the show, the phone lines light up and stay that way. Tara is great because of her sincerity and ability. I have tried others ...but keep coming back to Tara because that is who my listeners ask for."

Gary Doyle,


CKGL 570 AM, Southern Ontario


Tara, you are an absolute delight, a great Guest, and so gracious! You were brimming with a beautiful energy for our listeners; many people called us after the show and thanked us for having you on. Josh Wagner, a producer host for the next hour after us, overheard us interviewing with you on his way to the studio, and he said, “Wow, she was really interesting and informative.” Our hour with you was tremendously uplifting and captivating. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us.

With many blessings to YOU and YOURS!
Paula and Tazz
Producer Co-Hosts
Embracing Mother Earth
91.5 FM KKUP, California

"Meeting Tara on Cosmic Horizons really opened my eyes and mind to what really binds us all together spiritually! Tara's insight into the world beyond held our listeners in awe and amazement for the full hour and commanded a repeat show the following week just to satisfy our listeners thirst for what Tara was able to share with us".

James Haarp,
Host of radio show Cosmic Horizons
Toronto Ontario


"Thank you for coming on the show Tara !! We have almost 200 shows under our belt and this was by far the most emotional show I have ever been part of !"

Host of Ghostly Talk Radio Show

"Tara Night has been a guest on my show a few times. We invited her back because of the very real gift she has. She is right on with

her readings. The first time she came on the show, she described me to an absolute " T ". She also was able to tell me what was going on in my life. She gives incredible insight into situations and helps people in many ways. Tara just impresses you over and over again !"

Jae Burton

Host of The Jae Files

WFAD AM 1490

" Tara is a GREAT Psychic Medium !  She is the very best we've ever had on the air - and we have had many others ! 

She is also very caring and friendly. We always look forward to her visits ... and our listeners do too !! "

Greg Hetherington - Radio Show Host

Breakfast Bunch

CKSY 94.3 FM

Tara is great to work with.  Her knowledge of us was on target for both Jonny & I when she read for us.  It's like she's an old friend who knows exactly who you are and what is important to you in life.  You'll feel like she's known you for years & be amazed at how easy it all comes to her !!  She is a Psychic Medium who gives advice that you just know you can trust. Thanks a bunch Tara !!

Lia & Jonny in the Morning

101.5 CIL-FM

Southern Illinois' # 1 Hit Music Station

"Intelligence, ability and humor ! I judge a guests effectiveness by the responses I get after a show. The mail was all incredibly positive and I will definitely have Tara on again !"

Lon Schmidt



I wanted to personally thank you for being on the show last night !!! You were awesome and I really enjoyed having you on the show. You are known for being a great Psychic Medium, but it was also great to find out even more about you. Let's do it again soon ...
Bill Metz
Paranormal Awareness Radio Show
Miami, Florida

*** Real Client Testimonialsonials



This reading session was what I expected and more!! Thank you so much Tara! I have so many other questions but I had to go back to work. I will definitely book another reading in the near future. You are truly gifted. The information that I received is truly priceless. Please continue your work and never stop.

Thank you!

... S. Bacchus, Tampa Florida

My Reading was AWESOME!

... Sammy Williams, Ontario Canada


She has a true gift and it’s amazing some of of the things that came through and her overall insight.  It made me feel a bit more at ease knowing some of my close family came through especially my sister who I miss like crazy.  I appreciate her suggestions and advice and would definitely recommend her to others!
... Donna Ragona, GTA, Ontario.



My Reading with Tara was more than amazing!  She really the time to make sure I understood things as the Reading went along and she is wonderfully both kind and funny!

...A. Kobak, Schomberg Ontario



You just have to experience a session for yourself. Made a very big difference in my life! Such a positive and in depth experience!!! Ecstatic to have found Tara. Thank you so much. 

... R. Hughes, New York, USA

Tara was able to connect with my loved ones. She used names and traits to identify them further. She made contact with my beloved fur baby; which was most important to me. Tara was amazing. She was warm and had a great sense of humor. I will indeed get another reading from her again.

... K. Kirby, Ontario, Canada

Honestly, there is nothing I can really say to do my experience justice. Thought I would treat myself and purchase a telephone reading. I thought I had earned it. I work hard and thought it would be nice to buy myself something... instead of the normal pair of shoes or purse. My session was incredible. Deep & soulful in ways that I did not or could not have expected. Then, there was the way she had of zeroing in, on areas of my life and circumstances that she had no way of knowing. Her way of delivering the information was second to none , and she was so caring with it all!  I am now her regular client and always recommend her to anyone I think may benefit from a reading with her (which is just about every one!)

... Connie Gordon, Toronto Ontario, Canada

LOVED the WHOLE EXPERIENCE!!! Made contact with my Dad and friends that had crossed over! Made me happy all over and still does to this day!
... T. Henderson, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

I have had the pleasure of having two readings with Tara.Both were amazing and let me tell you ... she does not disappoint. Her accuracy is like nothing I have ever experienced and I have seen many Psychic Mediums in the past. She had powerful insight into my life that simply amazed me. Her warm and friendly manner makes you feel completely at ease that you are able to totally relax and enjoy the process. She has helped me in so many ways that I will always be grateful and I can't thank her enough.
... S. Jensen, Brampton Ontario, Canada.

I could not have asked for a better experience and reading! Best Reading I have ever had! Thank you so so much Tara!!!!

... J. Hillers, Den Haague, Netherlands



The most incredible experience! I will never forget this. Tara is very kind and extremely generous. The accuracy of her reading was truly amazing! ... E. Raymond, Toronto Ontario, Canada


Wow ! I never knew that a reading could be like this! Thank you SO MUCH Tara. For sharing your gift, and yourself with me. You have made a difference that I am quite convinced - no one else, or anything else, could have. I will never forget this experience!
...J. Oliver, Toronto Ontario, Canada

I had an excellent reading with Tara. She was right on with so many things. She spoke about my mother, stepfather and sister and mentioned them by name. She was able to connect with my grandparents and convey thier personalities and messages to me. Tara's style is friendly and helpful...I would recommend her highly. 

.. S. Cook, Palatine Illinois

"Worth Absolutely EVERY PENNY ! Knowing now how valuable and fantastic this was going to be, I would have paid more ! 
... Penny Watson, New York New York

My reading with Tara was amazing!  She connected with my mother and father in such way that I have no doubt that they are with me in my everyday life.  Tara was very accurate with names.  Through my mother, she even mentioned the name of a baby in the family that is only three months old.  I have told many of my relatives and work colleagues about the reading and would highly recommend the experience to anyone.  It was worth every penny and more. 
... K. Shelby, T

I had the most wonderful reading from Tara yesterday.  She is a warm, gracious and very talented woman!  I had no doubt that my loved ones were speaking through her.  The details were amazingly accurate and I felt surrounded by love, acceptance and understanding souls.  I carried a warm feeling for the rest of the day and have confirmation that I am on the right life path.  There are a few messages that I can’t wait to share with other members of my family.  Your readings are more than worth the cost involved.
... M Moroz, Edmonton Alberta, Canada


I must admit that I was a sceptic before this reading. Tara blew me away on the things that she has said.  The things she said she would have no way of knowing unless she knew my family personally.  She mentioned things about my brother that she could not have known.  Not only did she bring things up about his relationship, but his personality as well.  My brother is still alive, but she was told this by my mother who has passed on.  I wanted so desperately to hear from my mother.  I will never get over her no matter how long I live, but Tara confirmed to me that mom never left me.  The things she said about my mother blew me away.  She mentioned how mom was and things she could not have possibly known.  Not just my mom, but even mentioned my aunt who has passed away.  Her "real" name is Rose, but Tara said "Rosa."  Now, mom always called her Rosa, and Tara come right out with "Rosa," which I practically landed on the floor. 

She told me so much about my mom - that was true to fact.  She even mentioned things about myself that was true where she could not have known unless she knew me.    

Tara had no idea about my mother whatsoever.  I never told her anything, and yet she hit the nail on the head with it all.
Tara, I want to thank you for putting my mind to ease with my mother who I love so dearly and for proving to me that she is still here.

If you want someone who is true and genuine, I recommend giving Tara a call.  I listen to the tape almost every day.  Thank you Tara.  The tape is priceless to me.  Please keep doing this for people !

... Charlene Martis, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.



This was my second reading with Tara and I can only say that not only is she a pleasure to speak with but her gift has brought me many messages from family members that I completely cherish. My last reading with Tara was over a year ago and her insight into different events coming up for me in my life was very helpful and appreciated. My most current reading a week or so ago also was also filled with messages from family and inspirational guidance. Thank you Tara! 
... Erin Rosar, Calgary Ontario Canada


I had a reading with Tara and I was amazed.  She was so accurate on everything.  The personalities of the people that I missed so much, in Spirit, came through and I felt very comforted that they seemed so happy and at peace.  I passed a few messages along and they now want to book a session with Tara!  She was a very special lady, funny and very personable.  I will treasure this for a long time.  Thanks Tara.

... Donna McIntyre, Scarborough, Ontario




... Anita Ianieri, New Jersey



The information that she provides is quite accurate. Tara is very nice and caring and has been quite a big help to me. 

... M. Tsang, Virginia


I had a reading with Tara yesterday.  I will admit that although I do believe in Psychics ... I also believe that there are imposters out there, which leaves me skeptical.  

Tara is definitely NOT an imposter.  My reading was amazing, the things she told me where unbelievably accurate.  I had never spoken to her or had any sort of contact with Tara prior to my reading.  I told her nothing about me. Instead she told me everything about myself and my family.  The names and details she told me, there is no way she could have known without having true connections and powers.  
Originally, I wasn't interested in making contact with those who had passed over and was more interested in a Psychic reading. I had general things that I wanted to know about.  

During the reading she gave me the information I had wanted and extra information including Spirit connections.  Aside from her talent, she also has a wonderful personality.  She is a very kind, caring and compassionate lady.  I will definitely be a return customer.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have a Psychic/Medium reading.  She was amazing!!!  Thank you Tara. 
... J. Curtis  Regina, Saskatchewan 



I have found Tara to be the most gifted esoteric receptor I have

heard in all of my 83 years!

... J. Culp, Mississauga, Ontario



Tara, I just wanted to take time out to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave to me.  I was genuinely surprised to hear from my deceased brother Thomas and really didn't know what to expect.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me !  The reading was special for me and will remain forever in my heart.

... C. Banks, Baltimore, Maryland


"When I first searched for Tara’s help I was a little skeptical about having a reading. This was my first reading. But Tara’s loving personality immediately captivated me.  You have to like Tara! She did an AWESOME job and made contact with many members of my family and friends. She was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and was so precise on her contacts! She pronounced the names of people that died recently and only I knew about it. She talked about their ages and birthdays. Now I know that my loved ones are still with me. She also went far and beyond to help me. She gave me guidance and advice on troubled areas. Tara DOES NOT ask you guessing questions. She also records the reading and gives you the tape. When I played the tape at home is when I realized, even more, just how accurate Tara had been during the reading. I sincerely recommend her services and this reading is just the beginning for me. Her assistant Stella is a sweetheart, too! "THANK YOU, TARA! I definitely will seek your services again!"  

... Isabel Rebelo, Miami Florida

I thought I was quite prepared, and had a pretty good idea of what to expect prior to my appointment with Tara because I had done alot of research about Psychics and Mediums...but holy smokes...Tara just blew me out of the water!!! She was so incredibly specific and brought up details I could never have imagined. This includes details that I did not know at the time of the reading, but later confirmed later to be true! The entire experience was very healing, positive and uplifting. It also provided insight that will help me move forward along my path. In addition to the above, it was so easy, comfortable and so much fun! Tara is great to talk with also. She is warm, compassionate and really funny to boot ! I can't wait to do this again! 

... J. Ritch, Burlington, Ontario.

I went to see Tara shortly after my Father passed away. She knew everything about him and described him perfectly and was able to name other relatives that had passed on as well. She really comforted me and has proven to me that he is happy and well on the Other Side. I can't thank you enough Tara! I will definitely be seeing you again! 

... Lela, Toronto, Ontario.

I will say that prior to my reading with Tara, I was uneasy and nervous. This was my first reading. Once my reading began, almost immediately, my nervousness disappeared. All of my questions and queries were addressed, as the reading progressed. I was surprised who came through, from the Other Side. People I also expected and was happy to hear from also made connection. Talking with Tara was like talking with an old friend. Comfortable, caring and friendly 
... J. Woytowych, Mississauga, Ontario

I had a reading with Tara, and I can HONESTLY say that it was unreal! There is no doubt in my mind that this woman is the real deal! She knew everything about me and my life, without my telling her anything. She really has a gift that she uses to help others. Not only are her Psychic abilities uncanny, but she has such a sweet wholesome Spirit, that puts you at ease, and the way she delivered the information was so calming and reassuring. I honestly could have talked with you for hours. Your Spiritual guidance, information and insight have certainly made a difference in the way that I feel. I love you Tara, and you will be blessed for the peace and comfort you bring into people's lives! 
.... Grateful, Debbie Lawrence, Arkansas.


Tara’s reading left me feeling positive, and free of negativity.  Loved ones came through Tara that I haven’t had contact with in years.  It was truly a great experience !  Names were mentioned by Tara that could not have been guesses – she is wonderful and funny and a pleasure to speak with on the phone.  It was the most enjoyable reading I have ever had!  She really did help me rid myself of negative emotions that I believe I was carrying around. 

Thank you Tara – God Bless! ... T Meyers, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"You told me that my father was around me and gave me specifics that no one could have known. Thank you for helping me to truly understand that life really does exist beyond the physical." 

... B. Ronson, Taos, New Mexico

'I heard you on the radio and thought I would schedule a reading with you. My birthday was coming up and I wanted to treat myself to something special. WOW. I cannot say enough about my reading with you. I do believe that hearing you on the radio that day was no mistake. I believe it happened for a reason. The reading I had with you has changed my perspective in so many ways and has touched my life in the most positive way. Thank you."

... Terri. Madison, New York

This was one of, if not the most therapeudic experience of my life ! Forget about your idea of a Psychic or Medium reading ! This was like nothing else, and the best overall experience I have had in a very very long time. I congratulate anyone who gives the gift of a reading with Tara - to themself - or someone they love. 

... Vicki Furgus, Denver, Colorado 

"I don't know if I should share this ... but I had a reading with a very famous female psychic last year. She is on TV all the time and has sold many, many books. I paid several hundreds of dollars for a very short session thinking that she had to be very good. Unfortunately I became dismayed very quickly. None of the names that she gave me during my reading were known to me ... and still are not. As well, since then nothing that she told me has come true.

Tara, I just wanted to let you know that within just minutes of having my reading with you - I knew you were the real deal. You gave me names of people I actually did know ! You also gave me specific information that literally made my hair stand on end. You gave me details about my work, family and friends and verified for me that my parents were well and happy in the Afterlife, through real validation. Before my reading with you I had begun to doubt that there was such a thing as Mediumship and a real Psychic. Thank you for showing me that it really does exist !" 

... S. Morris, Cincinatti, Ohio

"Soft Spoken, warm hearted and a treasure sum up the essence that is Tara. My first reading was an experience that I will never forget. After receiving validation that indeed she had come in contact with the Other Side, my tears quickly surfaced and I rejoiced in the fact that my loved ones are with me to guide me and let me know I am not alone. Thank you Tara. You are truly a gift from God and I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future."

... Heidi Marenger, Markdale Ontario.

"I just wanted to say that I have never met anyone as perceptive and stunningly accurate as Tara. Some of the things she told me about myself were so spot on. I felt goose bumps. She gave me hope and peace of mind. She didn't beat around the bush and instead told me exactly how it was, for which I am grateful. And on top of all that she is a lovely person, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Thank you again Tara. Maybe you should modify your website so Tara's million grateful customers can upload their testimonials ???!!" 

... A. Sheth, Ontario Canada

"I was stunned ... it was my first reading ever. When you started speaking to me, knowing things, it was just like you had known me for years !" 

... L. Swann, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

"Not just a Psychic ! Tara is a whole lot more. She is a Psychic Medium with very obvious ability ... and she is also a lovely lady with a caring heart and healing way with her. I just can't help but come back to her over and over again. She never dissappoints !

... Sheila Henderson, Chicago, Illinois

"My first reading - it was great! Tara - you knew things about me without me saying anything - it was awesome. Plus you are so pleasant !!! It was like talking to an old friend! Thank you. 

... Shilpi Dey, Dallas Texas

"My closest friend recommended me to you. Let's just say it was the best gift she ever gave me in all the years I have known her !" 

... D. O'Reilly, Boston, Massachusetts.

"Already one of your predictions is coming to fruition ! I am currently pregnant with the baby girl you saw in my future and a few other things have happened too! I am singing your praises!" 

... L. Salazar, Mississauga, Ontario

"I can't see how anyone can doubt the existence of the afterlife after having had a reading with you!"

...  Carol Smith, Los Angeles, California

"You must get tons of testimonials ! You were right. Our car brakes needed replacing, my daughter is now pregnant and we just moved up north. Wow." 

... J. Morgan, Hartford, Connecticut

"Tell Tara that I can't thank her enough for the time spent with me. Everything that came through was dead on (no pun intended). Can't wait to have another reading. I always felt my parents were close and watching over I know for sure ! I am so thankful that Tara has this wonderful gift and what a blessing it must be to so many people." 

... S. Blackburn, Ontario Canada

"You have given me and my family so much peace. We always knew in our hearts that our child was still with us in Spirit. But you gave us pure validation. Thank you."  

... Cynthia Thurston, PEI Canada

"I was truly amazed and comforted by the reading. If I was not a believer, I am now ! God Bless you and take care. Your biggest fan in Nebraska." 
... K. Wood, Omaha

"I have been to other Psychics before, but it is like comparing apples to oranges." ... H. Browning, Toronto, Ontario

"You told me about a young woman in my family... likely my sister...who looked exactly like me except for the haircut. I said nothing about having a twin !" ... R. Hampton, Toronto, Ontario

"I had never been to a Medium or a Psychic before, but many of my friends have been to other Psychics. Once they listened to the tape recording of the reading I had with you in October...each one said that they had never heard anything like it ! Needless to say they all wanted your number so that they too could have their own reading with you !" 

... V. Armstrong, Boston, Massachusetts

"I was moving from my residence the week I had my reading with you. You told me all about it and said that I had reservations about the move and that it was my husbands idea. You also said that I would be very happy in my new home. All I can say is thank were on the money ! I love it here. Thanks for everything!" 

... B. Campbell, Tampa, Florida

"My reading with Tara was a wonderful experience. I somehow feel re-energized...just now knowing that some of the things I had believed before...really are real ! Tara brings her special gift and her kindness to so many people." ... J. Mah, Ontario Canada

"Tara you told me about my Mother in a way that only a person who knew her would know. You also mentioned the station wagon we used to have and the Pontiac. Brother...I never knew that kind of stuff was possible! I'll be back."

... T. Rush, San Diego California

"My reading with you was such a great experience and I wish I had done it sooner, It really helped me to remove my emotion and see things more clearly. After I left the reading to go home, I felt a sense of peace and wellbeing." 

... S. Barry, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I could not believe that you knew how many brothers were in my family and their personalities...and you told me things that I was currently going through that you had no way of knowing." 

... J. Anderson, Kitchener, Ontario

"All I want to say is Thank You Tara. I always believed in life after death, this just confirmed it for me." 

... W. Rouille, Chicago, Illinois

"I came to you last year and you told me that we would get our first house in the summer and that in the next year I would indeed get pregnant. I just wanted to let you know that we did get the house and two months ago I had my daughter !" 

... A. Taylor, Atlanta, Georgia

"Moving across the country to Texas was not even a consideration when I had my reading with you. Well, wouldn't you know it Tara, my husband was just told of a new job with his company out there...and wouldn't you know it, we are going ! " 

... B. Evans, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I hesitated for so long before coming to see you Tara. Now I wish I had not wasted so much time. All the worries I had for so long have now become so much more manageable to me and many are no longer a concern at all. one session with you could have had such a profound affect on my life ! Thank you." 

... S. Wilkinson, London, Ontario

"Tara's warmth and sense of humor along with her accuracy made my reading with her the most wonderful experience!  She was able to give me names of my family members and told me things that only they could have known. My reading with her was so accurate that there is no doubt in my mind that my loved one's on the other side are watching over me and are able to communicate with me." 
... K. Belmont, Atlanta Georgia


"Thank you AGAIN for such an excellent reading on Tuesday ! Although I have had a few readings with you...YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME !" 

... P. Larsen, Toronto Canada

"I know that nothing is perfect ... but in my eyes you are flawless. You not only have a real gift...but you really care too. What a combination!" 
... C. Ulrich, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity given me last evening to speak with you. Your reading was accuarate and touched on all areas of concern in my life. Names, dates, problems all seem to fit into place. Also, you hit the nail on the head with my friend. I definitely can't wait another year to talk to you again !"
... E. Mangan, Ontario Canada

"What a wonderful experience! I will surely be back for another reading. In doing a full reading, I was able to confirm beliefs about my past life and even received a message from Mom on the other side. I learned about my spirit guide and what paths are available to me in my life right now. Tara is very easy to speak with and although I was nervous at first, by the end of the call we were joking like old friends." 

... Ingrid Soza, Miami, Florida

Tara is so warm and friendly.  Immediately she and I got along. The reading was wonderful.  Tara was very open to questions and discussion of areas of importance to me.  She connected with my 4 grandparents who had passed on, and numerous others too.

My experience was so helpful with Tara ... it was because she's a gifted medium, psychic, and also because of who she is as a person.  She is kind, caring and loving and it makes a world of difference. She touches your heart and your soul. Thank you Tara - for such a lovely time with you. 

... J. Brownlee, Toronto, Ontario.


"I used to think so much differently about Psychics and Mediums. I thought it was alot of mumbo jumbo. How wrong I was !! After having my reading with you...I have a whole new respect for you and what you do! I never knew a reading could be like this. Thanks so much for all the vailidation you gave me and my family that our loved ones ones are happy and well on the Other Side." 

... Kelly Goldman, Los Angeles, California

"I had a reading with Tara 2-3 years ago and you were exactly right. Everything you mentioned was accurate, right to the month. Now I am looking for a little more guidance and really want to book another reading." 

... J. Ferrara, Toronto , Ontario

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