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Reading Sessions

Book your Telephone Reading 


Tara Night

in 2020

Telephone Reading Sessions

Quick to book and super convenient . Connect with your Higher Self and receive the messages that can assist you as you walk your path in 2024.

Once your session order/request is received Tara Night's office will contact you to schedule your personal  session. Contact is made by text or email within 2 business days.

* Single Person Reading / One Person.
$ 210 US .  Approx. 60-70 mins

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* Close Family Session
> Reading for 2 or 3 people (max) closely related family members. 
(eg. spouses, siblings etc.)
$ 250.00 US .  Approx.  90 - 100 mins.

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Reading Sessions

If you have wondered if telephone readings are equally as good as in person ones ... we believe the answer is an absolute YES!

In actual fact, Tara began doing readings by telephone LONG BEFORE she offered any in person sessions . She now has many regular clients the world over - and has had for over 20 plus years!

As far away as Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, the UK, Scotland, Germany, and all across the US and Canada. Tara's regular clients include people from all walks of life - including Media, other Professional Psychics and Mediums, Show Hosts, Producers, Business People and many, many more.

All Reading sessions, are done by "tuning in" to energy vibration and consciousness. Whether you are having your Reading by telephone and are many miles away, or you are in the same room, it makes no difference. Because of the way the connection is made (vibration / frequency) ... it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Reading sessions are a positive coming together of energy, and can include impressions from your Higher Self, mediumship, helpful info regarding health, love, career, spirituality etc... and overall sharing of ideas and info that may help you to view things differently or in a way that can be helpful for you.

In Person Reading Sessions

In person Reading Sessions are sometimes available during the  year but are very rare and fairly exclusive. At this time, there aren't any dates set aside for in person sessions. 

In Person Reading Fee
**Single Person - $350.00

Reading Fee for 2 People in session together

**Must be close family members only


Reading Fee for Group of 3-4 people

**Must be close family members only


** Important - Tara does not take on homicide cases because of how this affects her. Please contact a Psychic Investigator if looking for help in any possible murder cases. Psychic investigators are the ones that help with cases like these.


NO WAY can a Reading be directed or information forced.
You may receive exactly what you wanted ... or you may not.

Most times, there is some of everything. Some of what you may expect and sometimes a few surprises!
Everything depends on available energy and connection at scheduled date and time. AND depends on what your Higher Self finds most beneficial. A reading will not deliver all of our hopes. It is a tool. It is still always about a persons journey and all things are always within.

No matter what happens in a session, it is our firm belief that the Higher Self knows that all meetings are meant to be and of benefit in some way to all involved.

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