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About  Tara


Tuning into energy is what Tara Night does. Since very young she was always a "very spiritually aware child" to the reality of life, consciousness and energy beyond what one see's with physical eyes.

Her senses kicked in to overdrive when she went through a very traumatic time in her life. At this time, she became even more aware, and began to see and connect with various aspects of consciousness in a more pronounced way.


For many years Tara was popular for her LIVE Reading and sharing of her talent on radio/TV and now continues her love of what she does by sharing her passion and abilities with clients and people all over the world..

Tara was one of the first people in her field to both create and host her own radio show. Her show became popular and was a great forum for Tara to share her abilities with LIVE callers.

Her first radio show was "Encounters Radio" in New York. Followed by  " The Tara Night Show" which aired in Florida and various US markets.


Tara is known for her remarkable talent, her warmth , sense of humor and passionate personality.

There is nothing spooky about Tara - she is simply a gifted lady on a mission to dispel negative images that are sometimes  associated to this type of work.


Tara Night in 2019

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